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Wow - SO much to cover!

Updated: May 11, 2019

Oh I've been terrible at blogging. Sorry but SO much has happened since January. Where do I start? With a list....

Cool stuff

1. 4 hour velodrome test at Newport. Done

2. 8 hour velodrome test at Newport. Done

3. 12 hour velodrome test at Newport. Done

4. Lanzarote training week. Done

5. Addition of some new sponsors (thanks!)

6. Sorted out a secret squirrel fuelling strategy (and no its not pork pies.)

7. 16 hour training session on the road. Done.

8. Got a new even faster track bike (thanks BMC) so now have a race bike and a spare.

9. Custom fitted superfast Endura skinsuit is almost ready.

10. Bike fitting sessions with Phil Burt (thanks Phil.)

11. Doing some vlogging for Eversight (aka talking to myself sometimes on the bike sometimes at home.)

12. Keeping a food diary and weighing it all. All in the name of weight gain.

13. Had to buy more weights for my gym. And to think I could barely carry the first lot to the car 18 months ago.

14. Had the pleasure of meeting so many inspirational people. And received so much support its frankly embarrassing.

15, Started too many conversations with my wife with "you'll never guess this but..."

16. Got to experience night time riding with support car and flashy lights. Again.

17. Got my "old" Crew Chief back. Oh yeah :)

Weird stuff

1. Had a long conversation about gels today trying to decipher the options.

2. Started eating baby food (again.)

3. Rode my bike behind my coach's car the other day - on the tri bars - in the dark - after 350kms.

4. Got up at stupid o clock when on training camp in Lanzarote, did an hour's ride before breakfast in the dark, went to breakfast and then went back out training. Came back, refuelled then went back out till the sun went down.

5. I'm now very familiar with Bristol airport. Which is weird in itself. I'm sure the staff are starting to recognise me.

6. Just about to order 12 more bottles so I don't need to wash any out during a ride. Best not tell my wife as I already have lots.

7. Going through chamois creme like nothing on earth. Ditto for SIS carb drinks, gels and bananas,

8, Received an email entitled "Toilet Tent"

9. Found out that bluetooth and wifi don't get along when theres lots of it in an enclosed space and that RF radio works amazingly well.

10. Played hangman whilst riding at 40kph on the velodrome.

11. Had to get help measuring my calfs and deciding how long my aero socks should be before they look stupid.

12. I should just setup a Direct Debit with Science in Sport.

13. Had many a cold training ride but none was worse than the one a few weeks ago where the hailstones were so painful I had to cover my face with my hand, it literally felt like the hailstones were freezing my skull.

So thats quite a list (or two) for just a few months. Life is getting hectic now. When my coach asks me to go and do a 12 hour ride I wouldn't say its easy but now I know what it takes and that I shouldn't worry about it. Oh yeah and I have two of those to do within the next 7 days. Pahff no worries.

To everyone thats helped towards this project recently I extend my heartfelt thanks. We will absolutely try our best to beat the 941kms mark on the 22nd June. Of that I have no doubt.

Am I visible in this lot?
Somewhere near the M74 doing 70km loops

Greg Hibbert, Gary Hand and myself outside the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales

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