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Winter Training in Scotland

Its often difficult to train in Scotland in winter, after 90 mins watching a low budget movie on Netflix I really needed something else to get me motivated for the harder part of the workout.

Getting back from Edinburgh at lunchtime with a 4 hour ride planned I realised it would be dark before I got back and whilst I am all too familiar with riding in the dark given it had been raining all day (week?!) I thought a few hours in the warm safe garage would be a better option. However its quite difficult to keep motivated during those longer less intense sessions and thats why Scooter exists, ok lets just say YouTube and Spotify. This video was shot using Everysight Raptor, they are glasses that have a head up display and a 1st person camera. Very handy for riding and seeing your real time data - and for recording your ride experience. More Raptor recordings coming soon!

Lunch on the go (nowhere)

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