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Standing Starts

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Check the link below - I was doing this the other day (but maybe not so well.) It was my first time and it was amazing fun. Nothing whatsoever to do with the world record prep other than to potentially limit the chances of me falling on my arse right at the start of the 24 hours but also served as a great strength workout. Judging by the Training Peaks power curve I wasn't doing too badly either. Heres the 6 starts I did, the group took it in turns to practice their starting technique with some great feedback from the track coaches. The hardest part is trying to contain the power as you accelerate the large gear away from standing still. Its almost impossible to breath until you reach the banking, then its all about trying to hold the black line (or any one colour was a bonus at first.) The first couple of attempts were very sketchy indeed. I'm pretty sure I was close to crashing all by myself but the subsequent runs were much better and controlled. Thanks to the track coaches at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome for the help and advice in the session. I have to say they've all been really interested in the 24 hour challenge and I really appreciate their guidance and support that they continue to show me.

Overall I'm really enjoying the sessions I do at the track, its something very different to the road but I'm still not wearing those little ankle socks that the track riders all seem to favour. Some things are just too engrained to be changed now.


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